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Budapest Christmas 2008

This year we went to Budapest a little earlier than usual, we were there for the weekend of December 6th – St. Nicholas day. On that day Father Christmas comes to town and all the good children get a shoe full of sweets whilst the bad children get a stick. After settling in on Friday (buying a weeks transport ticket and getting a first look at the Christmas Market) we went to the Operetta and saw one of Maria’s favorite pieces – CsárdásKirálynÅ‘ – The Gypsy Princess. Great performance and much improved from the preview we saw in September.
First thing Saturday; Claire and Maria went shopping – we found a bead shop right next to the hobby craft shop Maria wanted. Claire was very happy.
Budapest bead shop
John left them to it and went to the Central Market Hall to get some Hungarian hot wax peppers. We cannot find a supplier in Nottingham, though recently we did find one in London as we passed through so with any luck they will reach Nottingham eventually.
Budapest Market Hall
Robert went off on his own to the Christmas Market where we all met up. It is a good thing that we all had mobile phones – otherwise we would never have found each other!
Budapest Christmas Market
We got together for a bite to eat and some mulled wine. Claire and Robert tried to work out where they were.
Budapest Christmas Market
One of the main treats at the market is the kurtöskalács, a sweet pastry cooked as a cone on a wooden former over coals.
Budapest Christmas Market kurtöskalács
As it was December 6th Santa had flown in all the way from Sweden – he was a great attraction.
Budapest Christmas Market - Santa
There was a wide variety of goods for sale – all by Hungarian crafts people and made locally.
Budapest Christmas Market stall
Budapest Christmas Market
Budapest Christmas Market
On Sunday we went for brunch at Gundel on the way we passed a thermal lake – the ducks looked like they were lining up for a race.
Budapest thermal lake
On the way back we passed through Heros Square.
Budapest Heros square
We finished up at the Christmas Market in time for a play.
Budapest Christmas Market stage

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