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Food macro – strawberry

We had a wonderful time last night at the NIA, pity that it took so long to get out of the car park.
Today’s photo is inspired by DSLR User Magazine, February issue. Here is a link to their masterclass video DSLR TV – Kitchen Macro Masterclass. I found some strawberries in the fridge, picked the best one and spend some time setting up the environment. The A4 coloured card and papers I got from the PayPerBox stall at the Patchings Festival came in handy. I photoshopped in the highlights on the spoon handle, otherwise exactly as taken. I’m happy with this for a first attempt – now to choose some perfect fruit.
Olympus E3 and 70-300mm lens set at 149mm, 2.0 sec at F16, ISO 100, side light from window at left with flash on background and very slight flash on camera (-3ev).

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