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Arduino LCD test

I got hold of a I2C Real Time Clock module and a two line LCD display. Managed to get them both connected and working.
Arduino with LCD
I am now working on adapting the display to I2C using a ByVac BV4208.
I have written the code and tested on a breadboard using a Roboduino nano (same as an Arduino Nano) – now to build the veroboard version.
I destroyed the Schottky diode on my nano when a loose wire shorted out 5v to ground and the USB supply overloaded. It all still works but will not power from the USB anymore.

1 comment to Arduino LCD test

  • Claire

    Ok, so I now know what Arduino is, and have a (vague) idea of the sort of things you can do with it – so I COULD use this to check when you’re eating so I can time my calls! My understanding of this post and the next one is still at the level of ‘they seem to be words, maybe it’s some form of modern poetry?’ though.