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Hacking the pink IM-Me Part 1

This is the first of several posts about the IM-Me pink wireless toy from Mattell. The aim of this post is to collect all of the relevant links I have found useful from the web.
You can currently get one (or more) of these toys for £8.99 at Amazon
The IM-Me is based upon the TI CC1110F32 chip, datasheet
Dave’s hacks – im-me hacking
Dave’s hacks – im-me LCD interface hacked
Travis Goodspeed’s blog on the IM-Me
Michael Ossmans blog – a $16 spectrum analyser
CC-flasher – open source programmer – most useful for the SDCC open source tool chain for the CC1110
From TI:To develop software, program and debug the CC1110, the IAR Embedded Workbench for 8051 is recommended. An evaluation version of IAR EW8051 is included in the kit. This free evaluation version and a free code size limited version, can be downloaded from the web, see this is limited to 4K of code, this can be increased to 16K by following the instructions in section 9.1 of this document
Details of the CC1110 debugging interface and how to program it

The next post on this topic will look at modifying the IM-Me so that the debug interface is easily used, setting up an Arduino to program the IM-Me and the Arduino software required to interface to the IM-Me.
Further posts will then look at programming the IM-Me using the IAR EW8051 IDE (I use the 4kb code limited Kickstart edition, increased to 16kb).

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