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Avoid Norton Internet Security

I have spent the last two posts using and praising Adobe Lightroom 2.

Now to paste Norton Internet Security. Over the past week I have installed Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Adobe Lightroom 2 – little did I know the problems awaiting me on Monday. The regular Monday night full scan from Norton said it had a software error, and then crashed – so I tried support. They took control of my PC, deleted files that I think I wanted but they said were causing the issue, did not give me enough detail to contact them so I had to queue for over an hour again. Eventually I found the issue myself – the Adobe foreign language help files were somehow causing Norton to crash – deleting them fixed the issue. I spent over 6 hours today online to Norton support and got no-where!!! I finally found and worked round the problem myself. To cap it all there is no way for me to tell Norton of the bug they have without going through another few hours of hell, I don’t think they are interested in customers.

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