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HTC One X – upgrade from HTC Desire. First Impressions

My HTC Desire is now two years old and the airtime plan I was on did not give me enough minutes (and was very expensive if I went over the allowance). So time for a new plan and phone.
After much looking around I decided on the HTC One X, in grey rather than white.

There are plenty of review and specs available on the web so here I am going to concentrate on what matters to me.

So my new phone finally arrived yesterday, the box is somewhat reminiscent of an egg box – appropriate for the time of year. In the box as well as the phone is a power supply around the same size as a normal UK plug, a USB cable, the standard ear pieces and microphone, a sim card tool and some (very little) documentation.


First impressions are that the phone, whilst large, is thin and quite light but solidly made and it didn’t feel at all fragile. So to compare it against the HTC desire it is thinner and lighter but the screen is significantly larger.


The back of the HTC One X is mainly blank except for the camera lens. There are some contacts along one side, presumably for docking.



So what do I like most about this phone

  • The screen is the first thing you see,  and it is superb. The colours are bright and vivid and the extra size of the screen helps me (with my fat fingers) to type much more accurately. I also like the screen capture feature – here is my home screen:
    2012-04-08 13.16.44
  • The sound is clear, and the speaker is quite loud enough.
  • The memory (just over 2GB of phone memory available and around 25gb of storage) is more than enough for my needs. On the HTC Desire I was always running out of space.  As usual this can be accessed through the USB cable from your PC.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich and the HTC Sense upgrades are very nice – I find using the phone easy and natural after the HTC Desire and the extra features are great.
  • I like the shortcut bar at the bottom, much better than just being able to access the phone feature as in the HTC Desire.
  • The HTC One X just feels great, natural and fast –  did I forget to say it is fast.

Neutral comments

  • There is no removable SD card – I never took the card out of my HTC Desire and so will not miss this.
  • The battery is not removable –  good and bad. It means you cannot carry a spare battery around for when you run out. On the plus side battery life is better than the HTC Desire and I understand that a new firmware release is about to come out (1.27) that will help increase battery life by about 40% (from several reviews I found on the web – it looks like some reviewers have been able to compare both 1.26 and 1.27). A further plus here is that as the battery is no longer a consumable it should be covered by warranty should it degrade significantly over the two years.
  • The HTC One X  takes a micro sim card – this is just a cut down mini sim card and can easily be obtained from you provider. There are also posts on the web which describe how to cut down your mini sim to size. I purchased a micro sim cutter from Amazon which made the job easy and also gave me an adapter so that I could use the cut down micro sim card in the HTC Desire.
  • The volume button has moved to the other side of the phone from the HTC Desire – this will just take a little getting used to.
  • I wondered if the size would be a problem but it does fit nicely into my hand and is very comfortable and easy to use – even with one hand,  using the screen with my thumb. If you have small hands I would try before you buy.

and the things I like least

  • I do not like the position of the power connector, this feels wrong if you try and use the phone whilst charging, it also seems to place a strain on the connecter that would not be there if the connection was at the bottom.P4086999
  • I miss the little scroll device that was the centre bottom button on the HTC Desire, so convenient for navigation whilst writing text.
  • I used the night clock in the HTC Desire a lot, it was just right for using at my bedside. I have found an app (YANC – yet another night clock) that is similar but it is not quite as good.

So the summary, a superb phone from HTC and a phone I have fallen head over heels for. Top of the range and currently I think the best phone on the market. I am sure that I will get many happy hours of use out of this phone.

This is based upon about 10 hours of use, I will update this post in a few weeks with any new opinions.

18/Apr/2012 Update

I have been getting increasingly annoyed by some minor issues – screen glitches and HTC Sense crashing (Just get loading appear for a few seconds instead of immediately switching to the home screen). This was even more frustrating as I understood they were fixed in the latest firmware which seemed to be available elsewhere. Well today HTC released the 1.28 firmware in the UK and I am glad to say that (so far) my irritations have vanished. I guess that carrier specific firmware versions may take a little longer but it will be worth the wait. Now to see if the battery usage is any better – I have already noticed that the screen is no longer overly bright when on automatic (which it was before).

I will update again in about a week with any further issues/thoughts.


26 April 2012

Battery update. I find that most days I finish the day with about 40% battery remaining, however an hour or two playing Angry Birds can reduce that to 10%. This is mainly used for calls (1 hour a day), email, Twitter (via Plume) and browsing – your usage will vary. I charge the phone every night on my bedside table.

Still loving the phone, the only niggle I still have (not got used to yet) is the position of the charger socket. The other issues I had have gone away with time.The optical scroll device has been replaced with a teardrop shaped marker you can drag on the screen to move the cursor, and I find this to be a good replacement.

As with the HTC Desire, if you are out and about, using the phone a lot you can run out of battery, so I have a “TeckNet® iEP387 7000mAh Dual-Port 2.1Amp Output Universal USB Battery Bank” – basically a portable rechargeable – charger. I keep this in my camera bag so I always have it when out and about.



5 comments to HTC One X – upgrade from HTC Desire. First Impressions

  • manoman48

    Good review and I had an HTC Desire previously. Totally agree about the night clock feature being missing which I loved on my HTC Desire. I have called HTC customer services and requested it be included in a future update and I would urge anyone else who liked that feature to do the same. This is a new product so there will no doubt be updates coming soon to iron out bugs or add features, so best to get in soon I think.

  • paul

    Nice review. I also just made the switch and so far pretty happy with the results. I never used the night clock on the desire but I have been using both Gentle Alarm or (since yesterday) Doubletwist alarm. The thing I think I’ll miss the most is the optical trackpad, although it was already less useful in 2.3 than in the original software.

  • StripLV

    0I have the one s. Everything perfectly instead:

    Screen is to big. 4″ MAX! I can VERY hardly reach the top. I use the phone with one hand.
    No trackpad is a no go. THAT I miss most! Especially in the dialer. To scroll through numbers right/left is adesaster right now. I can not reach the last dialed number. Easily. And I always dial the number instead of scrolling. Also in text I miss it very much.
    The charging port not in the bottom is also a desaster!
    Why HTC removed the quick setting from the notification bar? This sucks.5.
    No micro sd is a BIG problem. I thought I will don’t need one but after 1 week using
    the S I miss it.
    Why the hell HTC does not make the phone 1 or 2mm thicker and spend a battery that makes the phone work for one day? Can’t understand. Everything under 2000-2500 is unacceptable


    Im looking at getting the HTC One series next week, do I go for the ONE X OR ONE S. The one thing putting me off the one x is the overall size. I would be happy with the 16GB on the one s, both have the same camera, and processor etc. THANKS. What do u think??

  • hobo13

    @ mICHAEL: just so you are aware, the HTC one x uses a quad core processor whereas the one s only uses a dual core. They are very different but one advantage for the s is better battery performance. Hope you find this helpful