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Playing with Arduino Nokia 3310 shield

The Arduino Nokia 3310 shield come from NuElectronics. I have been using this shield with an Arduino Ethernet shield together with Andrew Lindsay’s Nokia 3310 library. I upgraded the library to be compatible with multiple SPI components, you need to bend digital pin 10 so that it does not make contact and then connect it […]

Block diagram of current home monitoring system

This is the current state fo my home monitoring system. I am working on integrating a camera (pictures visible on a web site), sms and email.

Arduino code for Currentcost/XPORT/Pachube

The code I have been developing for my Current Cost meter updating to Pachube via Arduino with XPORT is ready for sharing. You can download the code from this link. Current cost sensors are 0) Main electricity sensor – clamp on incoming live cable 1) Gas pulse sensor – see entry below 2) light sensor […]

XBee wireless programming of Arduino

Succeeded today in remote wireless programming a Funnel IO Arduino clone.

I had previously followed the instructions from LadyAda and got a very flaky program load – particularly with large files. Now following the Funnel IO route I have a reliable and solid way of remotely programming the board. I am using the Arduino IDE […]

Gas meter to CurrentCost to Arduino to Pachube up and running

Built to circuit and connected it all up. Bluetacked reed switch to meter and board + cc dev board + 2 AA batteries into small container. CurrentCost meter connect to Pachube via Arduino. In order to try and get some idea of energy usage and comparison with the electricity usage I am logging KW. The […]

Why the diode in the circuit?

When the switch opens the falling edge will cause a negative pulse on the 4013 input. The diode removes that negative pulse.

Input to 4013 without diode – one pulse (on/off) – zero volts is the centre line. The signal goes negative to minus 1.44 volts. Positive pulse comes from direct connection to +3 volts, […]

Final gas meter to current cost circuit

Here is the final circuit I will use, the resistor and capacitor values give a time constant of about 0.5 sec – I’m sure many other values would work but I have these ones in my box. I have added a pull down resistor on the reset line just to make sure it is low […]

Energy tracking part 2a

This is the CurrentCost development board. Note the 10 pin programming header – the leftmost pins are at 0V the rightmost at the positive supply voltage. I have attached a wire to the anode of the led.

This is my gas meter – there is a cut out at the bottom right of the […]

Energy tracking part 2

@MartinDix from CurrentCost kindly sent me a dev board so I could interface other feeds to the CurrentCost meter. After some experimentation this is the circuit I intend to use. I have not yet fully finalised values of components but it seems to work pretty well on the breadboard. Note my dev board is version […]

Energy tracking

Purchased a Current Cost CC128 meter and it arrived yesterday. No problem getting it going and it is now connected to an Arduino with a XPORT Ethernet shield. I got NewSoftSerial reading from the CC128 at 57600 baud and controlling the XPORT at 19200 baud. I am logging the temperature and watts usage to Pachube […]