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Wireless Arduino programming

I have recently been experimenting with some XRFs from Ciseco Plc. The firmware (v0.36) on these XRFs is beta but I understand it is about to be released. I have tested this on a Nanode and also on a Ciseco Xino for Atmel, it should work with a standard Arduino but I have not tested […]

Arduino reading a CSV pachube feed with the ENC28J60

The question of how to do GET requests with the ENC28J60 arose recently so here is an example. This is using the etherShield from Nuelectronics and @andrewdlindsay‘s etherShield library.

The code assumes some familiarity with the ethershield examples.

#include <etherShield.h> static uint8_t mymac[6] = {0x54,0x55,0x58,0x10,0x00,0x28}; static uint8_t myip[4] = {192,168,1,25}; // Default gateway. The ip […]

New Home Monitoring – part 2

********* Notice – the protocol to be used has pretty much completely changed. I am adopting the aProtocol described on the OpenKontrol web site

aProtocol is essentially a hub polling devices, it does allow for devices to announce events but in the main it is polling. The aProtocol is still work in development, I have […]

Arduino XBee shield issue

The Arduino XBee shield uses a resistor divider to connect the TTL 5V Arduino Tx to the XBee Din line. This has the side effect of pulling the Din line to GND if the Arduino is not asserting the Tx line. Problem is that the Arduino does not have control of the TX line during […]

New home monitoring setup – part 1

Updated 26/2/2010 I have been looking at revisiting my home monitoring setup for some time. Whilst I have considered plug computers and other slugs as the hub for this I keep coming back to the Arduino. An Arduino has enough CPU power, is cheap, very low power and I can maintain it should it develop […]

FIO (Arduino and XBEE) door, doorbell and others monitor

I have been extending my range of inputs to the CurrentCost, Ardunio, Xport pachube logger. In order to do this I wanted a wireless sensor module. After looking round I chose the FIO, has an XBEE socket and ATMega168, very little else. Can be powered from a rechargeable LiPo battery. The next step was to […]

A TinyXML library for the Arduino

A lot of devices use XML these days – and parsing the XML by hand is quite complex. I use a CurrentCost CC128 power monitor and also Twitter. Both of these have an XML interface.

Over the last couple of months I have been developing a simple XML parser as an Arduino library – it […]

Block diagram of current home monitoring system

This is the current state fo my home monitoring system. I am working on integrating a camera (pictures visible on a web site), sms and email.

Arduino code for Currentcost/XPORT/Pachube

The code I have been developing for my Current Cost meter updating to Pachube via Arduino with XPORT is ready for sharing. You can download the code from this link. Current cost sensors are 0) Main electricity sensor – clamp on incoming live cable 1) Gas pulse sensor – see entry below 2) light sensor […]

Gas meter to CurrentCost to Arduino to Pachube up and running

Built to circuit and connected it all up. Bluetacked reed switch to meter and board + cc dev board + 2 AA batteries into small container. CurrentCost meter connect to Pachube via Arduino. In order to try and get some idea of energy usage and comparison with the electricity usage I am logging KW. The […]