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HTC One X – upgrade from HTC Desire. First Impressions

My HTC Desire is now two years old and the airtime plan I was on did not give me enough minutes (and was very expensive if I went over the allowance). So time for a new plan and phone. After much looking around I decided on the HTC One X, in grey rather than white.


Re-purposing the Current Cost bridge device

To open the CC bridge box remove three screws from the base (one under the sticker). Note at this point assume you have invalidated any warranty. Remove the board – it should look like this.

Connectors (left to right), Power – 4.5-6V @ 500mA, Ethernet mag jack, Serial port (RJ10) pins left to right […]

Calke Abbey

A week ago we went for a walk round Calke Abbey grounds. Calke Abbey is National Trust and about 10 miles south of Derby. As is usual I took a few (well a lot) of photos.

I can see a face in this gnarled old Oak trunk.


Christmas day 2009

Christmas day 2009, originally uploaded by jcrouchley.

Presents under the tree all ready to be opened after scrambled egg and smoked salmon brunch, with bucks fizz. Nom nom. Despite appearances the tree is vertical – just a weird branch at upper right.

Updated blog to use Ingoal’s Twitter Updater


Vacation over

Just got back from Hungary – blogged here. Now unpacking and back to work.

Somerset for the weekend

We spent the weekend staying a the George Hotel in Castle Cary. Maria was making a bear with Gregory Gyllenship at a Bear Basics workshop. The hotel was comfortable and the food was good, but there was very little parking. Whilst Maria was at the course I went for a walk around the area. I […]

Another photo published!

Schmap and Barry Island

I got a photo published! Schmap have included one of my Barry Island pictures on their interactive guide.

Arduino LCD test

I got hold of a I2C Real Time Clock module and a two line LCD display. Managed to get them both connected and working. I am now working on adapting the display to I2C using a ByVac BV4208. I have written the code and tested on a breadboard using a Roboduino nano (same as an […]

Chelsea Flower Show 2009

Our trip to the Chelsea Flower Show is on Wilbeary’s blog.