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Fox in the garden

Imagine my surprise when I looked out of the back window earlier today

Budapest again

We had a lovely time in Budapest

Views from Castle hill

Police Smart car on Castle Hill.

Moskva square

The Cave Church on Gellert hill

Moskva square – manual change of tram points

New York hotel and cafe

Gerbeaud cukrászda

Budapest scenes

Has the cow exhibition reached […]

Robert visits us

After the trauma of last weekend when Robert was driving in Sheffield, lost his brakes, went round a roundabout and into a layby, he was just deciding which tree to hit in order to stop when his rear wheel fell off and the car ground to a stop. His original car (Megane) has been written […]

More snow

We woke up this morning to 3 inches of snow – travel disruption again. It all looks very pretty – I’m glad I’m working at home. I don’t see Maria getting to Patchings today.


Snow – lots of it

Today the country has lots of snow (well lots for the UK). London had 2-4 inches and it stopped all the buses and most of the underground! Why are we never prepared for the weather?


IWM Duxford

Spent a wonderful day with the Olympus Photo Safari Group at the Imperial War Museum Duxford. Here are some of the photos I took. Doesn’t the tank in the first one look like an elephant? Mescherschmitt 109 that crashed in WW II preserved in the state it was when it crashed. This Mustang was flying […]

Christmas already!

Christmas day and we are finally ready – last minute though. I tidied up my ‘corner’ ready to replace the computer desk and shelving next year – we are gradually redoing the lounge.

Bear on a box

Maria wanted a bear on a box photographed for a card she was making.

Budapest Christmas 2008

This year we went to Budapest a little earlier than usual, we were there for the weekend of December 6th – St. Nicholas day. On that day Father Christmas comes to town and all the good children get a shoe full of sweets whilst the bad children get a stick. After settling in on Friday […]

Nottingham City Square at night

I had a couple of pictures in an exhibition for the Olympus Photo Safari Group – if you would like the join the group then please accept my personal invitation. The exhibition was a great success and has led to an exhibition book. I was in the city centre during the early evening after a […]