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Rainy day at Patchings

Festival day again today. Rather quieter than yesterday but we had quite a rain shower in the afternoon. Today’s photo is of a oxeye daisy in the flower beds at Patchings.

Patchings Art Craft and Design Festival 2008

Today is the first day of the Patchings Art Craft and Design Festival 2008. I have been busy today blowing up (helium) balloons and generally helping Maria (shopping, cooking etc.). This photo shows how busy the festival is – 38 coach loads arrived today as well as many people by car.


Photo a day

Inspired by this article “Photo a Day Challenge: 10 Ways to Jump Start Your Creative Edge” I am starting today – one photo taken and posted on this blog per day (internet access permitting).

In the back garden I saw this rose, processed in Photoshop to remove background.


New camera

Well I finally did it after much agonising – I went and purchased an Olympus E3 body on Good Friday. It is a superb camera and I look forward to posting some great images. I now need a new tripod, better lenses, remote cable and much more – I guess I’ll have to wait a […]

Visit to India

The blog of our visit to India is being kept by Wilbeary, a travelling teddy bear. You can read the blog at Wilbeary’s Blog.

India here we come

Our indian visas arrived today so everything is set – we are off to Bangalore in just over a week from now. Here are some photos that I took in 2006.  


Photography course booked

I received the latest National Trust mailing at the weekend and found that Going Digital run couses at local NT properties. So I;ve booked my self on one – Clumber Park 1st March.

New Years Day Sunset

We went to Portmeirion on New Years Day and at the end of the day went down to Talybont (near Harlech) to watch the sunset.


Shopping for pasta

Well another evening shopping, went across to Battery Park City and visted both of the Gristedes and also JJ’s. I was tempted by the wonderful smell coming from Samanthas but decided to keep on the diet. I managed to get a pack of linguini, five packs of spaghetti, six packs of elbows and finally three […]

Blue sky

Woke up this morning bright and early (5:00 am) and watched the dawn – lovely clear day. Apparently we’re going to have a warm day today – high about 78 degrees F. Around 7:00 I noticed a lot of police cars gathering along a street – all with flashing lights etc. and half an hour […]