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Finding Claire a flat

We went to Swansea last weekend to help find Claire a flat as she is moving there in a couple off weeks to start a new job.

Apart from the flat hunting I could not resist the opportunity to vist a few local places. The weather was forecast to be raining but in fact we […]

Home today

All packed and checked out of the hotel. Last night I went to the Amish Market and got some lo-carb tortillas to bring home and then had a cobb salad for tea. Today it is just wrapping up and handing over for the next week as we have a weeks holiday coming up – Maria […]

Shopping for pasta

Well another evening shopping, went across to Battery Park City and visted both of the Gristedes and also JJ’s. I was tempted by the wonderful smell coming from Samanthas but decided to keep on the diet. I managed to get a pack of linguini, five packs of spaghetti, six packs of elbows and finally three […]

Blue sky

Woke up this morning bright and early (5:00 am) and watched the dawn – lovely clear day. Apparently we’re going to have a warm day today – high about 78 degrees F. Around 7:00 I noticed a lot of police cars gathering along a street – all with flashing lights etc. and half an hour […]

New York

Well I’ve finally decided to get this blog going. I’m in New York again and staying at the Millenium Hilton overlooking the World Trade site (Ground Zero). I stayed here back in May 2004 and so I thought it would be interesting to see how the site was progressing. Here is the site in May […]