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Arduino XBee shield issue

The Arduino XBee shield uses a resistor divider to connect the TTL 5V Arduino Tx to the XBee Din line. This has the side effect of pulling the Din line to GND if the Arduino is not asserting the Tx line. Problem is that the Arduino does not have control of the TX line during […]

New home monitoring setup – part 1

Updated 26/2/2010 I have been looking at revisiting my home monitoring setup for some time. Whilst I have considered plug computers and other slugs as the hub for this I keep coming back to the Arduino. An Arduino has enough CPU power, is cheap, very low power and I can maintain it should it develop […]

XBee wireless programming of Arduino

Succeeded today in remote wireless programming a Funnel IO Arduino clone.

I had previously followed the instructions from LadyAda and got a very flaky program load – particularly with large files. Now following the Funnel IO route I have a reliable and solid way of remotely programming the board. I am using the Arduino IDE […]