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At the tennis again

We had some wonderful tennis today, but I thought that I would post some of the other things that go on. There is live music during most of the day. Lots of food stalls and in the audience there are many different kinds of photographer ranging from the casual to the professional.


Rain at the tennis

We had a rainy – well mostly drizzle – day at the tennis. Some brave souls waited until the rain cleared. It was cold – particularly with the wind chill. The covers were on and off the court most of the day. but we still saw some great tennis, in particular Bogdanovic went out of […]

2nd day of Tennis

We were at the tennis again today. The security men reminded me of MIB We also saw Alex Bogdanovic and I thought this picture was quite good

LTA | The Slazenger Open

We spent today watching the tennis at The Slazenger Open, previously known as the Nottingham Open. We saw some superb tennis, including a doubles match where Paul Hanley and Todd Perry defeated Jonathon Erlich and Andy Ram (seeded number 1) – not the only seeded players to be defeated in todays matches. Paul-Henri Mathieu (number […]

Wandering round Patchings grounds

Today we went to a local outdoor store and purchased two plastic ponchos to keep the rain off during the Nottingham Open this week. Then on to Patchings where Maria finshed two bears. I walked round the grounds and took some pictures with the Olympus 70-300mm lens.  


Poppies galore

On the way to Patchings during the festival we noticed a oil seed rape field with loads of poppies. What happens at harvest time? Can they separate the seeds or is the crop contaminated? Today when we had the time I stopped off and spent a happy hour with a camera, whilst I was there […]

Rest or work?

As you can see from the overgrown state of our garden – I use the chair.


I found a lovely dandelion clock in the garden and so I had to photograph it. It looked good with a backlit flash. I then played in Photoshop with colours. Saving this in three colours, inverting and merging them I ended up with this triptych.


Food macro – strawberry

We had a wonderful time last night at the NIA, pity that it took so long to get out of the car park. Today’s photo is inspired by DSLR User Magazine, February issue. Here is a link to their masterclass video DSLR TV – Kitchen Macro Masterclass. I found some strawberries in the fridge, picked […]

Garden mobile

We are going out tonight so after a day’s work there is not much time to take a photograph. I went into the garden and saw this mobile (wind chimes) that Maria put up. Framing it with the clear sky as background seemed to work.