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Wonderful product update from Adobe – Lightroom 2

I have spent some time over the past two days playing with Adobe Lightroom 2. This is an immense improvement over Lightroom 1 – which I loved and have used extensively ever since it ‘grew’ out of Pixmantec RawShooter – a previous favorite of mine. I used the new gradient tool in this image which […]

Last day of leisure

Today was our last day with Claire so we went into the Gower to get some Salt Marsh Lamb to take home. They are based at Weobley Castle. We then had lunch at a local pub. On the way back to Mumbles we passed through Reynoldston where we saw many sheep sheltering from the sun. […]

Salt Marsh Lamb

We started today by driving to Llangennith at the end of the Gower to visit a produce market. We got some Gower Salt Marsh Lamb to try tonight. After a tea and a some cake (very good) we then went to Rhosilli Beach nearby. Here Robert and Claire flew the kite Maria brought last time […]

Aberdulais Falls, Whisky and beach

Today we went out to the Aberdulais Falls, a wonderful wet valley that used to house a tin plating works powered by the falls.

We then went into the Brecon Beacons and had lunch, there were storms over Pen-y-fan.

Penderyn Whisky was the next point of call, where we all purchased […]

Holiday in Gorseinon

I have been working hard recently to finish a project for work, no time for anything else. I checked in the project on Wednesday afternoon so I was allowed to have a brief vacation. Robert came home early this morning and we then packed the car and came down to Gorseinon to visit Claire. Once […]

Photos at Patchings

I went for a walk round Patchings today.


End of the drought

Today we went shopping and then to Patchings. I took photographs of the new bears and this one of the bear Maria made last week. I then fed the birds and took several photographs of them on the feeders.

This evening we went to see Mama […]

Motorway closure and work

Pressures of work and the motorway being closed twice today (on the way to work and on the way back) mean that I do not have the time or energy to take a picture. I will post one tomorrow.

Teddy bear

Maria finished this bear today. I find photographing this colour and length of mohair difficult as it has a tendancy to give false colours and to reflect & refract light. I usually try a variety of setting both pre and post.

Mum is 80 on Monday

Today we went down to Harpenden. Mum was having a party to celebrate here 80th birthday.

You can find more photographs here.