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Schmap and Barry Island

I got a photo published! Schmap have included one of my Barry Island pictures on their interactive guide.

Capacitance meter (1)

Whilst I was looking at the ATmega168 datasheet to see if I could improve the NewSoftSerial library speed I came across the analog comparator – this takes a reference voltage at digital input 7 and a voltage to be compared at digital input 6. Any time the voltages are equal (rising or falling – you […]

Arduino Ethernet

I have been playing with ethernet for the Arduino – I got hold of a Nuelectronics EtherShield and started to make it work. The examples were badly formatted and difficult to read but I learnt a lot of TCPIP and got it working fine. The issue here is that as you are down at the […]

ByVac I2C LCD controller

I got the ByVac BV4208 working, the library is here. To use include the library “Wire” and then “ByVacLCD” (I don’t know why you have to include “Wire” even though the library already includes it but you do – I spent ages on this one). Note as this is I2C it uses analog inputs 4 […]

Arduino LCD test

I got hold of a I2C Real Time Clock module and a two line LCD display. Managed to get them both connected and working. I am now working on adapting the display to I2C using a ByVac BV4208. I have written the code and tested on a breadboard using a Roboduino nano (same as an […]

Arduino interface to TMB880CF

I found an old LCD thermometer – got it from Maplin many years ago. I hunted for specs on the web but all I could find was that it used a serial data stream. It runs from 1.5V so I used an NPN transistor and a schmitt trigger NAND gate (old 74LS132 chip I had) […]


I heard about the Arduino on the BBC website recently (story) and have been playing with it. It appears to be exactly what I was looking for about ten years ago!. I’ll post here as I achieve anything.