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New home monitoring setup – part 1

Updated 26/2/2010 I have been looking at revisiting my home monitoring setup for some time. Whilst I have considered plug computers and other slugs as the hub for this I keep coming back to the Arduino. An Arduino has enough CPU power, is cheap, very low power and I can maintain it should it develop […]

Calke Abbey

A week ago we went for a walk round Calke Abbey grounds. Calke Abbey is National Trust and about 10 miles south of Derby. As is usual I took a few (well a lot) of photos.

I can see a face in this gnarled old Oak trunk.


Cannot post reliably – keep getting errors

I am having great difficulty in posting anything that is not straight text – I suspect a WordPress bug (recently upgraded to 2.9) but I cannot narrow it down. It appears to be when I have links to external sites. Wonder if WordPress introduced a new security feature? Got it – any post created with […]

FIO (Arduino and XBEE) door, doorbell and others monitor

I have been extending my range of inputs to the CurrentCost, Ardunio, Xport pachube logger. In order to do this I wanted a wireless sensor module. After looking round I chose the FIO, has an XBEE socket and ATMega168, very little else. Can be powered from a rechargeable LiPo battery. The next step was to […]