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Gas meter to CurrentCost to Arduino to Pachube up and running

Built to circuit and connected it all up. Bluetacked reed switch to meter and board + cc dev board + 2 AA batteries into small container.
CurrentCost dev board with gas meter circuit
CurrentCost meter connect to Pachube via Arduino. In order to try and get some idea of energy usage and comparison with the electricity usage I am logging KW. The calculations are:
Gas KWhours = cubicmeters * correctionfactor * calorificvalue / 3.6
1 pulse is 0.01 cubic meters
correctionfactor is 1.022646 (from gas bill)
calorificvalue is 39.4 (from gas bill)
So 1 pulse is 0.1119223 KWh.
Average KW = totalKWh * 3600 / measurementperiod(seconds)
I have set the measurement period to 5 minutes – this gives a reasonable resolution. At peak use I seem to get about 1 pulse every 18 seconds. Latest – I now update every 15 minutes – that way Pachube displays every update.

Last 24 hours Gas KWatts

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