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Painted cows at Patchings

I spent a few hours on this one, I’m rather pleased with the result.

Fighting magpies

At Patchings today we heard lots of squawking most of the day, it was 4 or 5 magpies fighting over some food I had put out to get the local robins used to perching there. Most of the action was in the trees but here are two fighting and then another two feeding.


Garden rose

Yes – another rose. They are so beautiful at this time of year.

Water Lilly

I’ve been watching our pond waiting for the first bud to open. Today it did.

Close up

Post is a bit late – but the picture was taken on the 25th. Playing with my 35mm macro lens and a Blackberry.


Looked round for a photograph tonight and I came up with my guitar.

In the garden today

I’ve been working at home today, so I walked round the garden and took a few pictures.   I had heard there was a shortage of bees this year – this bush was being constantly visited.



That is ‘C’ for cat. Cfor is very difficult to get in any sort of pose – as soon as she knows you are taking an interest in her she purrs round your legs hoping for attention – or food – usually food.

Rained off

The tennis today was rained off – we had a light mist of rain most of the day. We stayed at home, eventually the organisers put the finals indoors, so no spectators, however EuroSport was allowed in so we got a good view on the TV. We now need to send our tickets off for […]

Semi final day

We watched the semi finals today, Ivo Karlovic impressed us with his all round ability – we had previously had him down as ‘just a slugger’, but he played serve volley well against Monfils. In the doubles we were rooting for Murray and Coetzee and we were very pleased when they won.